Announcing our Festival Premiere: June 3rd at CUFF

Much has changed in the world since 2015, when we last shared an update on our short film, following Will Guzzardi's long-shot race to represent a more progressive politics in the Illinois State House. 

Our time apart has been marked by some wonderful developments — Lemonade, Hamilton ... the Schuyler sisters. But, Illinois has spent these past two years without a budget, with devastating effects on working families and critical service organizations. There was also Brexit, Zika, Russian hacking ... and of course, November 8th, 2016.

There has never been a more important time to recognize and nourish the power of organizing at the hyper-local level — and that's just what we set out to do with this film. 

So we are excited to share that we will be premiering The 39th at the Chicago Underground Film Festival on Saturday, June 3rd at the Logan Theater - in our very own 39th district!


Chicago Underground Film Festival Laurels


For those of you in Chicago, we would love to have you there to celebrate.

Tickets for our screening, as well as festival passes, are available here. Make sure to select "June 3rd, 3pm Shorts 6 - The One with the Governor."

We'll also be organizing a celebratory get together the week leading up to the premiere — stay tuned for more details!

Can't wait to see you there!

Laura, Adam and Josh


KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Maybe there's something to this whole grassroots thing...

Friends and Comrades,

We did it! 

Not only did The 39th hit its original Kickstarter goal — we hit our stretch goal yesterday, and then some! $15,700 to be exact. 

Soon, we'll have your name up on our website's "special thanks" wall ... and we'll get to working on your rewards straight away! 

We spent a lot of time preparing for this Kickstarter, and then putting it off, and putting it off, because it's nervewracking to share your work so publicly for the first time. 

But thanks to you guys, this was an amazing experience. You didn't just give; you shared the project on Facebook, which brought in 20% of our donors. You donated your strategy, design, and fundraising know-how. And you took a page right out of the organizing playbook, and brought people together in Chicago, New York, and SF to watch some clips and talk about these issues in person.

It's been really humbling for us and we're so glad to have you on the team.

Oh, and duh - the film! Now, it's time to jump back into the edit room and take this thing home. We'll keep you all apprised of our progress, and may even reach out for your feedback and ideas as we go.

We can't say thank you enough! Forward.

- Laura, Adam and Josh

KICKSTARTER UPDATE: 30 hours to go!

Hey all you beautiful people!

Amazing, wonderful, surprising, and exciting news:

We have exactly 30 hours to go on this Kickstarter, and we are within $1,000 of our $15,000 stretch goal!


And, we have two fundraising parties in New York and San Francisco tonight to close things out.

We're confident we can get there if we all band together and make it happen — so we're asking you to take 30 seconds** tomorrow to share the project on Facebook and Twitter one last time!

Some fun things to post:

Our article in the local DNA Info - Logan Square!

Our radio interview with WGN!

And of course, the link to the project :)

We'll be in touch soon — if you're in NY or SF, see you tonight!

- Laura, Adam and Josh

** not an actual scientific estimation of how long a Facebook post takes


Friends, family, colleagues, and supporters — something big happened overnight:


We quite literally could not have done it without every one of you. Thank you so much for your generosity and for cheering us on along the way.

But we're not done yet. This first $10,000 is just a start to making a kick-ass film. We're continuing to raise money so that we can spread The 39th and its message of involvement, awareness, and participation in local politics even further. Your donation will go toward making the best film possible and getting it in front of as many people as possible. And that's almost as important as finishing the film in the first place.

So, we've set ourselves a new stretch goal of $15,000 — and thanks to the awesome momentum we've seen from y'all, we're confident we can hit it before October 8th.

Here's how you can help: Know five friends who might be interested in this story —OFA-alumni, Chicagoans, or political junkies? Forward along our link ( email and share your personal reason for donating, and why they might want to help out, too. Even better — we've recruited a few awesome uber-supporters to host house parties in our final week! If you'd like to host one where you live, let us know and we can help put something really fun and impactful together. 

Thanks so much! Toasting you all this fine Sunday.

- Laura, Adam, and Josh


Hello there, friends of The 39th!

Thank you so much for making the first day of our Kickstarter incredible, uplifting, and validating after months (well, years) of hard work.

We can't believe it, but we're more than 35% to our goal! What a day. 

And now, for some fun feedback we've gotten on the project:

Goosebumps alert. - Abby, NYC

More living proof how the transparency afforded by advancements in electronic communications and the proliferation of social media can change the world we live in, and the people who run it, if we allow all sides of the story to be shared. - Mary, NYC

In an era of political dynasties and reality show circus candidacies on the national level, local retail politics can seem distant and almost quaint. But this story is about underdogs proving the hard work of retail organizing can (and does!) still win. - Ryan, SF

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

But there's still got a long way to go — so we've got to keep on trucking. Stay tuned for more as our fundraising campaign continues!

- Laura, Adam, and Josh

Update from the edit room

Where did we go? Laura and I have had a lot of questions lately on the status of The 39th film. We wanted to give an update as we work to put this thing together.

In the past few months we've shifted into full post-production mode, logging footage, organizing the story and applying for grants to fund the whole thing. We recently secured a preliminary editor who will comb through the footage and start assembling the a trailer in the next few months, then we'll release that here, on Until then, stay in touch by submitting your email on the homepage and we'll make sure you get all the news about The 39th as we continue making progress. 

Thanks for your interest. And thanks for visiting