KICKSTARTER UPDATE: 30 hours to go!

Hey all you beautiful people!

Amazing, wonderful, surprising, and exciting news:

We have exactly 30 hours to go on this Kickstarter, and we are within $1,000 of our $15,000 stretch goal!


And, we have two fundraising parties in New York and San Francisco tonight to close things out.

We're confident we can get there if we all band together and make it happen — so we're asking you to take 30 seconds** tomorrow to share the project on Facebook and Twitter one last time!

Some fun things to post:

Our article in the local DNA Info - Logan Square!

Our radio interview with WGN!

And of course, the link to the project :)

We'll be in touch soon — if you're in NY or SF, see you tonight!

- Laura, Adam and Josh

** not an actual scientific estimation of how long a Facebook post takes