KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Maybe there's something to this whole grassroots thing...

Friends and Comrades,

We did it! 

Not only did The 39th hit its original Kickstarter goal — we hit our stretch goal yesterday, and then some! $15,700 to be exact. 

Soon, we'll have your name up on our website's "special thanks" wall ... and we'll get to working on your rewards straight away! 

We spent a lot of time preparing for this Kickstarter, and then putting it off, and putting it off, because it's nervewracking to share your work so publicly for the first time. 

But thanks to you guys, this was an amazing experience. You didn't just give; you shared the project on Facebook, which brought in 20% of our donors. You donated your strategy, design, and fundraising know-how. And you took a page right out of the organizing playbook, and brought people together in Chicago, New York, and SF to watch some clips and talk about these issues in person.

It's been really humbling for us and we're so glad to have you on the team.

Oh, and duh - the film! Now, it's time to jump back into the edit room and take this thing home. We'll keep you all apprised of our progress, and may even reach out for your feedback and ideas as we go.

We can't say thank you enough! Forward.

- Laura, Adam and Josh