Hello there, friends of The 39th!

Thank you so much for making the first day of our Kickstarter incredible, uplifting, and validating after months (well, years) of hard work.

We can't believe it, but we're more than 35% to our goal! What a day. 

And now, for some fun feedback we've gotten on the project:

Goosebumps alert. - Abby, NYC

More living proof how the transparency afforded by advancements in electronic communications and the proliferation of social media can change the world we live in, and the people who run it, if we allow all sides of the story to be shared. - Mary, NYC

In an era of political dynasties and reality show circus candidacies on the national level, local retail politics can seem distant and almost quaint. But this story is about underdogs proving the hard work of retail organizing can (and does!) still win. - Ryan, SF

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

But there's still got a long way to go — so we've got to keep on trucking. Stay tuned for more as our fundraising campaign continues!

- Laura, Adam, and Josh